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The Warren Public Safety Plan

Dear Rochester Residents,

Our city and surrounding community provide a series of troubling contradictions. Consider the following:

Rochester highly ranked as best city for raising a family
Rochester was ranked as the 3rd best and 5th best city respectively for raising a family by national magazines Kiplinger’s and Forbes. Yet, the city of Rochester is also home to the 7th highest child poverty rate in the nation, with 54% of our children living below the poverty line.
Rochester ranked as 3rd best economy in the nation Rochester ranked as 1 of top 10 smartest cities in America Rochester ranked 14th in nation for healthcare access

Clearly, there is a major disconnect. How can the same community be home to such disparities?

As someone who has lived her whole life in this city, I know what is needed to ensure all city residents have the same opportunities to prosper as those in the suburbs. We need the foundational resources that many take for granted: good schools, economic opportunity, and public safety. It is no accident that these three issues—children, jobs, and justice—are the centerpiece of my campaign. These three priorities are deeply intertwined and require bold action and comprehensive solutions from City Hall. Unfortunately, such leadership has been glaringly absent from our current Mayor, who has done little to address the endemic problems such as poverty, education, and crime.

As Mayor, I will strive to make sure that the national accolades and outside perceptions of the Rochester region become a reality for all city residents. I will use the bully pulpit of the Mayor’s office to harness the resources of our great community and ensure that city residents are able to take full advantage of the many assets that make the Rochester region so special.

My approach to public safety is not only fair and equitable, but makes sound fiscal policy. Our community pays a heavy tax for crime by way of loss of life and property, an ever shrinking tax base due to fear of criminal encroachment, and the expanding cost of law enforcement and detention. The comprehensive set of proposals outlined here show that we can have a public safety agenda that is tough on crime but also addresses many of the root causes.

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