Our city has many challenges, but none of them is more critical than the failure of our schools. We can talk about downtown, we can talk about economic development, we can debate budget issues -- but if our schools continue to fail our children, our city will not survive.

There are a multitude of concerns for the well-being of Rochester, New York. While serving as President of City Council, Lovely Warren has listened to the voices of the community and will continue to as mayor. Here we will outline Lovely Warren’s comprehensive plans to change Rochester.  We welcome your questions, comments and positive feedback. Please choose below:

The most important issue of the 21st Century is the education of our children.  It is at the root of every problem Rochester faces and the heart of every solution. Any conversation about jobs and economic growth must begin with education.


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Today's Rochester is a very different place than the one from my childhood. By 2010, nine out of the ten Kodak jobs in Rochester were gone. Our city’s population is declining faster than any other city in the state, while our percentage of families living in poverty has climbed to the highest in the state. Once above average, our annual salaries now lag behind the state average, as does our home ownership rate and median home value. By 2012, Rochester’s unemployment rate had climbed to 9.8%--significantly higher than the state average. In too many of our neighborhoods, fewer than one in three residents is employed. The Warren administration will re-focus economic and community development efforts on the city’s most pressing challenge: reducing Rochester’s unemployment rate and expanding its tax base.


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Our city and surrounding community provide a series of troubling contradictions. Consider the following: Rochester was ranked as the 3rd best and 5th best city respectively for raising a family by national magazines Kiplinger’s and Forbes. Yet, the city of Rochester is also home to the 7th highest child poverty rate in the nation, with 54% of our children living below the poverty line. Our community pays a heavy tax for crime by way of loss of life and property, an ever shrinking tax base due to fear of criminal encroachment, and the expanding cost of law enforcement and detention. The comprehensive set of proposals I outline show that we can have a public safety agenda that is tough on crime but also addresses many of the root causes.


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